3 Holy Grails of Hair

3 Holy Grails of Hair
Hi Dolls!
I thought I would share my few holy grails of hair products that I just simply cannot live without.  My hair is extremely low maintenance.  I don’t colour it or anything so I really try not to put a lot of products in it that aren’t necessary.  I usually get a fresh cut about every 10 weeks and my hairdresser has worked with Bumble&Bumble before in New York and he totally swears by it.  So of course, I leave it in the hands of the professionals and took these goodies home with me.  Iv’e been using them religiously since and cannot live without them.  
The Bumble&Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible oil primer is a pre-styler that protects, conditions, and eases styling for dry, brittle, or coarse hair.  I find that my hair tends to be very thick and coarse, so this really does wonders in protecting it from heat styling tools I use.   The primer is infused with six different feather-light oils for complete hair transformation.  It has been shown to make hair softer, smoother, silkier, and less tangled as it tames frizz and protects against breakage from heat and UV radiation—all without weighing hair down.  It also has an AMAZING scent with sweet, fruity hints and tropical touches. 
Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty winner for 2014 is the Bumble&Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil (orange) and possibly THE BEST thing on this planet.  I usually use this after I am completely done styling my hair just to give it that extra bit of softness and silkiness.  This lightweight, quick-absorbing oil features a luxurious blend of six oils and two extracts that soften, tame flyaways, and add shine immediately and over time.  Hair looks and feels healthy, smooth, silky, and conditioned.  It detangles hair, helps strengthen against breakage, and dramatically reduces frizz.  Featuring UVA/UVB filters and heat styling protection, the clear-as-day formula can be used on all types and colors of hair.
Since my hair is naturally straight I find it really hard to curl so before I start curling my hair I put in the Bumble&Bumble All-Style Blow Dry cream.  This luxurious cream formula fights frizz, protects against heat damage, and has invisible and microfine oil-absorbing powders that help add body, shine, and movement.  Formulated to prolong the life of your blow-dry style, it is suitable for healthy, fine, and even oil-prone hair.
You can find all three of these at any hair salon that carries Bumble&Bumble products or you can find it at your local Sephora (and online) in travel and big sizes.





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