Kiehl’s Personalized Facial Concentrate

Kiehl’s Personalized Facial Concentrate

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So if you follow me on social media (particularly snapchat – shout out to my snapchat fam 😍) then you know that last week I attended the exclusive L’Oreal Luxe event here in Vancouver.  It was actually pretty fun and got to see some amazing new & favourite product launches.  I think my favourite thing was getting another personalized Kiehl’s consultation. I am a huge fan of Kiehl’s and I think that their products are beyond amazing.  It has definitely done wonders for my skin and hair!!  Their avocado eye cream is my holy grail which now makes me wonder why I have not blogged about it yet!

So Kiehl’s is launching a new concept that essentially creates a personalized facial concentrate with two target concern complexes.  During my consultation, the Kiehl’s experts used their Kiehl’s book of Apothecary and helped me to pin-point my 2 main skin concerns.  One a scale of 1-5 they help you evaluate the following: lines & wrinkles, skin tone, texture, pores, and visible redness.  Out of those five, I felt that I really wanted something to target my pores and visible redness.   With this, they were able to tailor this amazing skincare product just for me.

The pore minimizing complex includes Samphria Extract and Salicylic Acid which helps minimize the appearance of pores.  The Visible Redness and Neutralizing Complex includes sunflower seed extract and Vitamin E which help in reducing overall redness and discolouration to the face.  After I wash my face I apply 2-3 drops daily.  You can use this either morning or night but I like to use this only at nights because I find that my face gets super oily throughout the day so in the mornings I avoid any oil-based products and just stick to a light moisturizer and my Marc Jacobs coconut primer.  This serum is super lightweight so you can still apply your nightly or daily moisturizer on top.  I’ve been using this product for about a week now and although I haven’t really noticed a minimization of my pores but I have noticed redness and discolouration has diminished quite a bit.  I will continue to keep using this serum because I like how it makes my face feel very smooth and rejuvenated and I would like to see if it maybe takes a week or two extra to see any minimization of pores.

Now this concept doesn’t launch until September and it will only be available at select Kiehl’s flagship locations so I recommend calling your local Kiehl’s and checking with them first before you head down there.





  1. August 12, 2016 / 8:15 PM

    I LOVE their products! This new concept is so interesting and I can’t wait to try it out myself in September.

    • August 13, 2016 / 12:16 AM

      If you love their midnight recovery serum then you will love the custom apothecary serum!

  2. August 13, 2016 / 12:51 AM

    I am so excited to try this too! The avocado eye treatment is one of my all time favourites as well, and when I saw this at the event I was thrilled!

  3. August 20, 2016 / 3:58 PM

    This is such a cool concept that they’re coming out with. I’ve never tried Kiehls but have always wanted to and now is a great time!
    I just put up a new blog post on new skincare I found from Sephora. I have a couple more posts coming this week. I’m a bit new to blogging and would love it if you checked out my blog!

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