Firma Beauty Brushes – Elite Line

Firma Beauty Brushes – Elite Line

Hey guys!

So lately I’ve been obsessing over a hot new makeup brush brand out of Vancouver that I wanted to share with you.  When I attended Vancouver Fashion Week FF15  I did a brief review on their brushes but didn’t get a chance to take some home and try over the longer-term.  A few months ago I met again with the lovely creators behind Firma to catch up on how Firma was doing and to get a first hand look at their newly released Elite Line.

The Elite line is their new affordable line that comes in a 12-piece set (or can be bought individually).  When I say affordable, I’m NOT talking about cheap!! These brushes are the furthest thing from cheap!  I have had these brushes for about 4 months now and have not had 1 single hair strand fall out of the brushes – shocking because this is very common in MAC brushes and extremely annoying.  They have gone travelling with me as well as been through about 4-5 washes in the last 4 months.  Still in perfect condition 🙂 I stand behind my statement when I say these brushes are probably better quality than my MAC brushes for a fraction of the price.  I’m all for splurging on makeup paraphernalia but WHY must we almost go into debt every-time we need new brushes or makeup UGH!! They can get seriously costly.  These are made of our synthetic fibers so they are durable and as silky smooth as their Signature lines for an affordable price.  If however you don’t mind the splurge then I HIGHLY recommend their Pink Line and Signature line which are made from cut goat hair.

What I love about this new Elite line from Firma Beauty is that the brushes are SO LIGHTWEIGHT, durable, very expensive looking, and silky soft!  My favourite from the set is the all-over face/powder brush and the angled liner brush.  Also a little background on them.  They are an international beauty company located in Canada that supplies the highest quality make-up tools to clients. They strive to meet and exceed customer expectations with their luxurious and great quality products. Firma Beauty stands firmly against any sort of animal cruelty and are committed to their charitable programs.  For every item purchased, Firma Beauty will contribute 2% of the proceeds to your selection of one of the following non-profit organizations: 1) Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRFCURE.ORG) 2) Child Fund International (CHILDFUND.ORG) 3) Animal Welfare Institute (AWIONLINE.ORG)

The entire Elite Line Set Includes:

#101 – Lightweight multipurpose face/all-over powder brush

#102 – Blush brush

# 103 – Angled contouring brush.

# 104 – Foundation brush

#105 – Stippling foundation brush

#201 –  Tall blending brush

#202 – Angled blending brush

#203 – Concealer brush

#204 – Wide blending

#205 – Precision pencil brush

#206 – Angled liner brush

#301 – Small concealer/lip brush

The iconic magnetic box to hold all the luxurious brushes.

If you want a set of your own (retailing for $89.99 CAD), head over to their website (click here) and be sure to use my code “KLAUDIA10” for an additional 10% off their ENTIRE SITE!!

Have you guys tried Firma brushes before? Leave your comments down below!


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