FaceOff Makeup Remover Cloth

FaceOff Makeup Remover Cloth

Alright guys! So in this post I’m gonna be talking about the FaceOff cloth.  At first when the brand reached out to me I was a little skeptical to try this product because I’ve heard some bad reviews from my friends when they had purchased the Sephora equivalent.  So essentially, this is a reusable cleansing cloth that removes all stubborn makeup with just warm water.  Hard to believe right?  The cloth itself is super soft and small like a mini facecloth. The cloth is not rough like your standard bathroom towels so its gentle and not abrasive on your skin.  I think its a really great idea if you’re travelling so you don’t need to bring your stack of makeup remover wipes.  Overall I just wasn’t sold on the idea really.  I mean the whole point of makeup wipes is that they are disposable right after you use them so you dont have to worry about washing it in time for your next makeup application.  I mean it all really comes down to cost vs convenience.  Makeup wipes can get quite pricey and the FaceOff cloth retails only for about $12 but then its not as convenient as the makeup wipes because you constantly have to throw it into the wash.

One thing I would like to see where they can improve on is maybe offer a 7-day package.  Personally, I couldn’t reuse this cloth without washing it in my washing machine.

Have you guys tried this before?

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