Dior Crème De Rose Review

Dior Crème De Rose Review

Today, I will be doing a review of my recent trip to Christian Dior.  I am a sucker for smooth plumpy lips. Lip glosses, lip balms, lip treatments, lip sticks, you name it, I want it.  Recently I’ve noticed that my lips have been more and more dry.  Not sure if its due to the seasonal weather change or just lack of proper care, point is I couldn’t stand the chappyness. I’ve done some cosmetic research and for the past few weeks and I’ve been looking into some new lip glosses/balms.  It came down to two brands.  “Fresh” and “Christian Dior”.  I’ve had the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment and it was phenomenal so, it was either I go with the same brand or try a new one.  I ended up choosing the Christian Dior duo over the Fresh brand simply because you can never go wrong with a French designer brand and hello its Christian Dior!! 
The Dior Crème De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm SPF 10 has been in the market for quite some time.  It was released with the Dior Spring 2010 Boudoir Lacy Collection.  It comes in a beautiful little white vintage-styled container with the CD logo engraved in the center.  It has a rosey scent to it, which personally I am not a fan of but its not overbearing so I don’t mind it.  The texture has a thick, not too sticky texture that applies very smoothly onto the lips leaving them feeling totally moisturized, soothed and plump.  Not only is Christian Dior’s Crème De Rose a good lip balm itself, but it does a GREAT job as a lip primer before applying lipsticks and lip glosses as well.



I also purchased the Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper.  This lip gloss is fantastic if you want it to give you boosted volume instantly and it also restructures your lips in the long-term.  I usually just recommend applying it under regular lipstick or just on naked lips regularly.  Its light pink/clear in color with a faint shimmer so when you wear it you don’t look like you just downed an entire meal for 5 at McDonalds.  At $37 dollars for this tube, you can’t go wrong.  I will keep you all posted on my new Christian Dior purchases and let you know if these products are worth another purchase. 





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