Burt’s Bees Stocking Stuffer

Burt’s Bees Stocking Stuffer

Hey guys!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve partnered with Burt’s Bees to show you guys this really cute and super affordable stocking stuffer.  This is also the perfect gift if you have a secret Santa exchange at work or with friends.  The beeswax bounty assorted mix comes in a really cute giftable box with 4 different lip balms.  It comes in the original vitamin e and peppermint beeswax flavor, mango, vanilla bean, and pomegranate.  Personally my favourite is the pomegranate because it has a red tint to it and it gives your lips a really nice light red colour without looking too overpowering.   I’ve always been a really big fan of Burt’s bees because their products are all natural and do a great job at keeping your lips healthy and hydrated especially in the cold winter months.  At only $12.95, this gift is a steal and is sure to be a favourite.  You can find this gem at your local drugstore.

What are your favourite Burt’s Bees products? Leave your thoughts and comments down below!




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