How to clean your classic Chanel flap bag

How to clean your classic Chanel flap bag

The only French lover I’ll ever need in my life is Chanel Chanel Chanel, or if you’re into the Italian then its Dolce Dolce Dolce. Now if you guys are anything like me, I know you fashionistas will have shelves & shelves full of fabulous & beautiful designer bags. The smell of the soft and beautiful leather when you take the bag out of the dust bag! AHH MAGICAL! My very first luxury purchase ever was the classic flap quilted calfskin with silver hardware and soon after that the large shopping bag in quilted grained calfskin or as others may know “caviar leather” also with silver hardware. Beautiful and terribly expensive. So, how do you take proper care of theses magnificent bags? They say the older the bag the better because they age beautifully, well this is true but if you plan on keeping your bag around for a number of years I suggest you take proper care of it which I’m sure you guys already do 🙂

Well, I have always contemplated whether or not the “designer bag cleaner” is actually good for your bag or if its all just hype. Don’t get me wrong I still believe it works really well but the thought of putting chemicals on a $3,600 bag kind of freaks me out. I was once told, by a very reliable source in the haute couture industry, that a simple warm & slightly damp wash cloth will do. So I would find a soft face towel and slightly wet it with warm water and give my bags a wash. Now here is a little trick! Once I dry them I take a clean and VERY SOFT sponge (you can use a regular dish sponge but make sure there are no rough sides or just use a simple body sponge) put a slight dab of Nivea body lotion (and only this lotion) and just give your bag a rub down and place it out to air dry for about 15-25 minutes. After that carefully place it in the dust bag and store away. I do this about every 3-4 months and it truly keeps my bags in their best condition no harsh leather cleaning chemical liquids needed. 🙂



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