Eva Nyc Freshen Up Dry Shampoo

Eva Nyc Freshen Up Dry Shampoo

We all have those days where a hair wash just won’t do because you are running behind on schedule and have a million things going at once you don’t even know how you have time to breathe.  Sounds just like an average day in my life.  Dry shampoos have been a blessing because they revamp my hair for the day when I know I don’t have time to wash and style it nor do I have the time or want to spend the money on a blow out.  I raved about the Batiste dry shampoos because they were the first dry shampoos that I felt actually did their job-and not to mention, smelled amazing!   Over the past little while I’ve been testing the Eva Nyc Freshen Up Dry Shampoo.  I have to say that overall, I am pretty please with the results.  The first thing I really like about this dry shampoo is that the fragrance is not as strong as Batiste dry shampoos so it doesn’t linger all day long.  If this is something that you want or like, then I would highly recommend using Batiste because their fragrance is much stronger and lasts all day long.  This dry shampoo does a great job at not leaving any white powdery residue on your hair as normal dry shampoos tend to do.  I do have blonde hair so either way it wouldn’t show up as much but if you have dark hair then you might want to consider this dry shampoo.  Naturally, as soon as you spray it on it will spray a tad bit ashy but once you use your fingers to work the dry shampoo into your hair it all disappears.  It contains natural rice starch so it does a really good job at fully absorbing the oil from your hair.  Personally my hair gets really oily closer to the roots and slightly dry towards the ends of the stands.  I spray majority of the dry shampoo into my roots and work whatever is left over on my fingers and hands into the ends.  It also contains Vitamin C and Omegas 3, 6, 7, 9 to enhance shine, moisturize and add more strength to your hair.  It lasts all day and night so you don’t have to re-apply at all.  This dry shampoo is safe for natural and colour treated hair.  The current retail price is $11.99 but you can usually find it on sale at your local drug/beauty store for around $8.99.



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