Conair InFiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron Review

Conair InFiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron Review

For someone who flat-irons her hair on a daily basis, I guess you could say I am pretty experienced with flat irons.  I was really excited to try this Conair InFiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron because it has the steam option and it is supposedly much healthier for your hair.

The iron itself is part of the Conair Hydro Silk line and has natural ionic steam technology which means that it is able to work almost like a dry shampoo and refresh your hair between shampoo sessions.  We all know that the more frequently you wash your hair the dryer your hair becomes.  Not only that but it has an ionic steam mist which also adds shine between shampoos.  The main thing I noticed with the Conair Steam Flat Iron is that my hair is much more shinier and less frizzy.  It has 5 heating levels all the way up to 395˚F (200°C) with an automatic “one/off” and the plates are made from tourmaline ceramic coating which helps in eliminating frizz and damage to your hair.  It has a 2-stage steam & lock  system and the dry plates lock in for shiny pin-straight styles.  The retractable combs are made for tension control with 3 heights to guide the hair which gives you a more smoother polished look.  With Conair’s signature Hydro Silk steam technology, the flat iron is less damaging to your hair while is still provides even heat all around.  I also love that the heating plate is double the size of my current flat iron.  It gets much more hair in and allows you to finish flat-ironing your hair in half the time.  What use to take me 10 min now only takes me 5-6 minutes.  Keep in mind my hair is already “somewhat” straight just a tad bit poofy so your time-results may vary if you have more wavy/curly hair.  Also it doesnt smell!  You know that weird “straightner” smell your hair gets after you flat iron it, yep well for some reason I dont get that from the Conair which is a pro for me.

The only down side to this straighter is that the little container that holds the water to produce the steam is really small.  I usually like to turn on my straightener when I start getting ready so that when I am ready to do my hair it is nice and hot.  By the time I get to the point I find that the water container has evaporated even when I turn the steam option off.  Also I don’t like how small the water container is because sometimes you have to refill the water and the container can get hot so proceed with caution.


Overall I really enjoyed this Conair InFiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron and I continue to use it on a daily basis.  If you’re like me and are always busy and on the go, you can be rest assured that if you do happen to forget to turn off your straightener, it does have an auto switch so that you can have peace of mind.  Have you guys tried this straightener before? Leave your thoughts and comments down below!



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  1. Angela
    July 1, 2017 / 1:08 PM

    Thanks for the detailed review! I need to upgrade my hair tools so this sounds pretty nice! I think that “weird” smell is burning hair? Like the smell of burning protein?

    Raincouver Beauty

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