April Mapleblume Subscription Box

April Mapleblume Subscription Box

Hello my darlings!

My initial goal was to have this post up for you all this past weekend but things with work and classes got over the top busy I did not have enough time to blog unfortunately.  However, I am extremely excited to share my experience with the April Mapleblume subscription box.  This is my 3rd Mapleblume subscription box and if you’re interested in seeing and reading about the last two, visit my December Box and February Box reviews.  Alright so lets get on the the good stuff, here is the list of products I received in the April box:

Vita Rich Crème from FITGLOW Beauty
This creme was the feature product in the April box.  First I’d like to say that it smells like cherry blossoms and vanilla – purely amazing.  This creme is designed to awaken your skin’s youthfulness by smoothing any lines and wrinkles and brightening your skin.  I wanted to get this review up as soon as I could so I’ve only had the opportunity to test this creme for two weeks.  Usually I prefer to test a skincare product for about 30 days before I publish a review but this time I will just let you guys know what I think of it after two weeks use.  Typically,  I prefer to use this moisturizer in the morning as a sort of “makeup primer” because it is extremely lightweight for a “creme” based product.  It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily throughout the day.  It does a pretty good job at giving me that “awaken” and fresh look – especially knowing that I barely get enough time to sleep.  The rare grass extracts that this moisturizer contains actually help in increasing intercellular osmosis to retain water on a long term basis in the skin and plump cells. It also contains over 150 phyto nutrients, vitamins and cherry brightening complex.  By plumping the cells, it is suppose to improve your skin’s hydration and elasticity giving you that bright and youthful complexion.  This moisturizer is actually amazing for the summer because it is suppose to improve your skins health and it reduces inflammation.  I normally only use 1-2 pumps for my entire face and neck area.  The smell is amazing as I mentioned previously, however it doesn’t linger too long so if you’re sensitive to fragrances this won’t bother you.  If you have dull skin and you’re looking to brighten your complexion just in time for summer, I recommend giving this product a try.  This moisturizer is, of course, vegan, nut-free, gluten free and safe to use on all/any skin types.

Lavido Pomegranate Peel, Orange Blossom, and Carrot Purifying Face Cleanser
Can’t say that I have tried to put carrot on my face before but apparently I should be doing it more often thanks to this cleanser.  This Lavido Pomegranate Peel, Orange Blossom, and Carrot Purifying facial cleanser has nothing but the best healthy and organic ingredients you can ask for.  Carrots in particular, are rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and C, minerals and antioxidants that are extremely beneficial not only for your skin but also for your hair.  Again, this is a product that I have been using in the mornings as soon as I wake up.  The ingredients in this facial cleanser really help to cleanse and refresh your skin.  It contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin A, derived from organic Carrot Oil, to restore, protect and nourish your skin.  This cleanser is strong enough to remove all of the makeup and dirt we have on our face from the day but it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.  I know that often times some cleansers dry out your skin but this cleanser actually does the opposite leaving your skin glowing, soft and supple.  The cleanser itself is more of a creme based consistency so I would recommend just using your hands to lather it onto your face.  I really like that the cleanser comes in a 100ml bottle so that I can take it with me on trips when I’m travelling without taking up too much space in my luggage.  This facial cleanser is safe for all skin types, its dermatologically tested, it contains organic ingredients to properly cleanse, brighten and tone your skin.

Vapour Beauty Siren Lipstick
At first glance I thought that this lipstick might be a little too much on the dark side for me (shade: Au Pair), however once you put it on it really goes well with any skin tone/hair colour.  The shade is almost like a dusty rose infused with berries type of shade.  I think it would look great in the summer to complete your “night out” look and you can also wear it in the fall and winter months.  What I really like about this lipstick is that it is compact! The packaging is very thin and sleek so that it fits nicely in just about anything – heck it would fit into your wallet as well.  The lipstick has a satin finish to it so it will keep your lips nice and hydrated throughout the wear.  The lipstick is made up of organic botanical ingredients including Pomegranate and Rose.  Siren is actually considered one of the beauty industry’s healthiest lipsticks.  Additionally, not only is the lipstick full-coverage but it is also long lasting.  It comes in a total of 26 shades and is safe for any skin type.

Root + Willow Fig & Plum Body Butter
This is probably my absolute favourite product in April’s subscription box.  The smell is like pure addiction.  It almost has a very similar scent to L’Occitane’s lemon body and hand lotion although this is fig and plum.  This is suppose to be “body butter” but I actually carry it with me every day in my purse and use it as hand lotion/butter.  I have received so many compliments on the fragrance I actually can’t wait to purchase the entire set for myself.  So why is this product so amazing? Well, it contains shea and mango (my favourite) butter which deeply hydrate and absorb quickly into your skin.  Usually body butters tend to be heavy and greasy but this one doesn’t make your skin feel greasy or oily.  If you’re worried that it may be too oily for your skin then you can also apply it right after your shower or bath while your skin is still damp.  I find by doing that, your skin is smoother much longer.  Also now with summer around the corner, your feet will be exposed to a lot of dryness from all your sandals and flip flops so keep this in your bag for your feet – you know i already have 😉  You can also use it on your cuticles! This body butter is fair trade and or course organic!  It is also safe for all skin types and the amazing fragrance is all natural.  Also, I would like to note that this body butter is more of a solid consistency so you have to make sure that you don’t leave it out in the sun/heat for too long because it will melt. However, the up-side of this is that it is much much easier to apply when it is a little softer in consistency.

Root + Willow Organic Lip Balm
Just as the body butter, this organic lip balm is made by the same company, Root + Willow.  The flavour I received is the Matcha + Mint.  It actually smells like mint chocolate but unfortunately has no chocolate taste lol.  This balm contains fresh peppermint leaves with hints of green tea. The matcha extract gives this lip balm its natural green colour.  The lip balm contains organic ingredients such as organic beeswax, fair trade shea butter, mango butter, grape seed oil, coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, essential oils and organic flavours.  The lip balm glides on very smoothly and does a great job at keeping my lips hydrated throughout the day. It has a bit of a cooling effect from the peppermint which is great for the upcoming hot summer days!  This balm comes in a total of 10 different flavours and is safe to use for all skin types.

Sundays Nail Polish
I gotta love a blush pink polish for spring and summer!  I have the shade 004.  The polish is cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic and does not include: dibutyl phthalate, toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens, and tert-butyl hydroperoxide which you can find in your regular drug store polish.  The bottle and brushed are made for an easy and effortless application.  The brush is thick which allows you to apply the polish for a more perfect and precise look.  They have a total of 43 different polish colours to suit all needs.  I’ve been wearing this gorgeous polish on my toes for the past two weeks and it has not once chipped yet – keep in mind I did the pedicure myself.  Overall a really great polish, great colour, and much healthier ingredients that won’t harm your body as opposed to regular nail polishes.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review of the April Mapleblume Subscription Box.  Be sure to visit their website (here) or follow them on Instagram @Mapleblume for the latest info on upcoming boxes and products.  Have you guys tried Mapleblume before? Leave your thoughts and comments down below!




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    May 24, 2017 / 11:30 PM

    I’m actually obsessing over root + willow. I neeeeeeed to purchase the biggest gift set they have!

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