YourTea | Natural Detox Tea

YourTea | Natural Detox Tea

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It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post – life has been extremely busy with my hectic work and exam schedules!  Since I am not a die hard coffee fan, tea is usually my daily saviour!  I know there are tons and tons of different types of brands out there that make tea so how do you chose the best one?  Well, recently I was introduced to “YourTea” and safe to say I’m obsessed with their product after only trying 2 different teas!  Shocking right!  YourTea is a brand which creates tea blends for modern health, from ancient wisdom.  Their formulas are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and created by TCM Doctors.  What I love most about their products is that each of their teas is labelled as what someone might need such as “hangover tea” or “skin magic tea”.  If you are not familiar with the different benefits of teas, then this makes your selection that much easier – also I love the fun names 🙂  Their tea blends are created using ingredients that have been traditionally shown to assist with; energy, sleep, bloating, weight loss, healthy skin, mood, women’s health – such as PCOS and PMS, and men’s health.  Not to mention – they taste pretty darn good!  Below are the two teas that I’ve been drinking for the past few weeks.

Her Tea

This tea is considered to be an everyday tea.  I love drinking it in the mornings 30 min before or after my breakfast.  It gives me an energy boost without making me feel like I just drank pure adrenaline.  The ingredients in this tea have been used to assist with fluid retention, calming digestion, enhancing energy, and enhancing mood.  The main ingredients included in this tea are Camellia Sinensis (oolong tea), Chrysanthemum Tea, Lyciumchinese (goji), Gan-Jiang (ginger).  Chrysanthemum is especially useful in balancing the emotions, relieving stress while on your period – bye bye pms! This tea actually tastes really good and i love chilling it overnight and adding some ice to it in the morning for a nice refresher to wake me up.  The box comes with 60 tea bags for $35 CAD which works out to be 0.58 cents per tea bag.

Skin Magic Tea

I was pretty excited about this tea because of my sensitive skin and now with summer in full swing, my skin is exposed to more allergens and toxins – let’s not forget all that patio day drinking!  The skin magic tea is my night-time before bed tea.  I usually like to drink this an hour or two before bedtime so that while I sleep, the ingredients can get to work.  This tea has been specially made to assist with problematic skin such as cystic pimples, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.  Also it helps with clearing heat and toxins from your body and digestion.  The main ingredients to help with all this are Gou Qi Zi (Chinese Red Tea), Zhi Gan Cao (Liquorice root), Mo Li Hua (Jasmine flower), Lu Hui (Aloe Vera), Lotus Seed Heart (Lian Zi Xin). The box comes with 60 tea bags for $35 CAD which works out to be 0.58 cents per tea bag.

YourTea Tumbler
I absolutely love this tumbler! It is so chic looking and I’ve been carrying with me everywhere.  They have different types of tumblers on their website but there is just something about glass that makes everything so much better.  The tumbler hold 300ml of liquid and has a double glass wall.  This is to retain heat for up to 2 hours and to not burn your hands when you pour in the hot water.  The tumbler is dishwasher safe but make sure not to put the lid into the dishwasher as it is natural bamboo and it will be ruined.  Usually after I’m done my tea i give the bottle a quick rinse and pour in some water and use it as a water bottle the rest of the day.  The glass is pretty durable because I have banged it a couple times and so far it still looks brand new!

Hope you guys enjoyed my review! Any other tea lovers out there – have you tried YourTea yet? Leave your thoughts and comments down below!



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