Whole Foods Summer Essentials

Whole Foods Summer Essentials

With summer just around the corner we are all scrambling to pack our weekend get-away bags and checking off needed supplies on our camping lists.  When you take a moment to think about it, how many of your supplies actually contain “not so healthy” ingredients? Do we really even pay attention to what we buy? Guilty!! I’ll have to admit I certainly don’t 😮 I’m trying to work on this I promise!! 🙂

And, I’m not just referring to food but necessities like sunscreen, lip balms, and other products to help protect you while you’re out on your summer adventure.  If you’re like me you may have SUPER sensitive skin and with that you know you can’t just put ANYTHING on your skin.  Whole Foods Market really helps put your mind at ease when it comes to travelling.  Their latest Summer Essentials Kit #WFMSummerEssentials is perfect if you’re looking for some good ways to stay healthy and eat right while you’re out enjoying the summer.   Not all healthy products need to be super expensive.  Heres a list below of all the natural nourishing and affordable summer essentials in their kit:

What’s Included In The Kit:

Boo Bamboo
-Natural Sun Screen Spray
-After Sun Body Lotion Spray

Boron Homeopathic
-Allergy Tablets (60)
-Insect Bite Gel
-Bump & Bruise Gel

Green Beaver
-Natural Sunscreen
-Natural Lip Balm
-Natural Deodorant

– Vitamin C drink mix (5 flavours)

-Protein Bars

JJ Bean
-Cold Brew Voucher

-Shaker Cup

Earth Science

Genuine Health
-Protein Powder

I actually started using some of their products the moment I received their package.  PS – I am absolutely in love with the Boo Bamboo Natural Sun Screen Spray and the After Sun Body Lotion Spray.  The after sun spray smells absolutely amazing and it has a cooling effect so it keeps your skin super cool and hydrated after some fun in the sun.

All these products featured can be found at your local Whole Foods Market.  What products do you guys use to stay healthy during summer adventures? Leave your thoughts and comments down below!



  1. theunaverse
    June 17, 2016 / 4:12 PM

    love! <3 i love protein bars btw, these look delish!

    • June 17, 2016 / 4:31 PM

      They are super delicious and come in lots of yummy flavours! Not to mention totally vegan and natural! <3

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