Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

// Since it is a long weekend here in Vancouver (we have today off), we decided to go out last night for a stroll down to the beach.  That is one thing I love about Vancouver, even though it is a pretty small city compared to other major cities around the world, it has so much to offer.  The beaches, mountains, and fun places you can visit just for a simple walk.  Last night we took a walk through the downtown corridor which leads you directly to the beach.  It was really amazing to see how packed the streets were with people at 11pm at night.  There was a guy on the beach with his telescope and he was offering free views to people who were interested in seeing some space stuff.  I have never looked through a telescope so I was beyond fascinated 😀 I got to see a glimpse of Saturn and its rings and a close up of the moon (the craters and everything).  This was pretty phenomenal to me haha 😀 Here are some photos we took last night.  I immensely apologize for the lack of quality in the photos.  My camera decided to go crazy and all photos kept becoming blurry 🙁 I’ll need to fix this problem before my next post. \\


 ✿ Maxi Dress – Forever 21  |  Denim Jacket – Levi’s   |  Bag – Louis Vuitton 



















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