Ikwetta Beach Bag

Ikwetta Beach Bag
Hi Beauties!
Recently I have teamed up with the girls at Ikwetta to spread the word about this amazing project.  Ikwetta is a brand of footwear and fashion accessories that are handmade in Kenya by locally talented artisans.   Their philosophy is to make beautiful handmade products and provide employment while helping build the local community. Their skilled artisans make beautiful products to meet the needs of today’s modern women while using age-old techniques and inspiration from African culture that needs preserving. Its a happy marriage of tradition and today’s fashion. And of course, funds go back to the local artisan with any purchase at Ikwetta.  I love this concept of self empowerment and giving individuals a chance to be something in life.  
  • All Products are 100% Handmade!


  • Sleek & Modern designs that add flair to any outfit or occasion!


  • Intricate & Colorful African Beadwork!


  • Authentic African Leather of the highest quality


  • Amazing story of how these products are made in the slums of Africa


  • Their mission is to Empower Talent and move people out of slums!
They have now launched their official website www.ikwetta.com and you can also find them on Etsy! All my lovely readers can use the discount code: IKWETTA (Takes 15% OFF on both www.ikwetta.com & Etsy’s Ikwetta shop) for you purchase!

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