Tips and Tricks to a Perfect iPhone Photo

Tips and Tricks to a Perfect iPhone Photo
Hello Darlings!
So many of you have been asking me for advice on how to take great photos for your blog or instagram.  Being a talented photographer doesn’t happen overnight so if your photos are not turning out the way you want them to be, its OK, you’re not the only one 🙂 Now a days with technology being so advanced, we are quite lucky to live in such an era where you can literally take hundreds of photos on your phone today and only keep your 3 or 4 favorites.  Looking back we only used our cameras for special occasions because we didn’t want to waste the film.  The resources we now have at our fingertips are truly incredible! Here are my top 10 tips for capturing your blogging life the best way possible!


1.   Gather Inspiration

Flip through your favourite magazines to gather inspiration.  Don’t always post the same or similar content because users will tend to get bored and no likely revisit your page.  Instagram is my holy grail and it should be yours too.  Don’t copy! But look through some of the most popular Instagram pages and study what they are doing and how they are doing it.  Create a rule of 4. For every item you take a photo of, add 4 “relatable” items that go hand in hand with your item.  Want to take a photo of some sunscreen? Throw in a hat, some sunglasses, possible a magazine, and maybe a lip gloss.  Keep your readers interested! 

2.   Clean Your Lens

You ever get that fuzzy glow when you turn your phone camera on? Or maybe not.  However I find that even when I THINK my lens is clean I always take a good wipe to it with my sleeve before I take any photos.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how crisp and spectacular your photos will turn out. 

3.   Lighting is Key


I cannot stress this point enough.  LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING.  No matter what type of camera/dslr you use, you MUST have good lighting in order for the photo to turn out good.  Light with your iphone is important – the lower the light the more grainy and bad quality it becomes – unless you are taking photos of the sun and the sea then keep the light behind you and your subject well lit.  My best recommendation is natural daylight.  It just makes everything in the photo look crisp and clear.  If you can’t get any natural daylight then try lighting up the area you want to shoot in as much as possible.  Using light boxes and rings is a big help but they can get quite pricy.  

4.   Mind the Lines

When taking photos with your iPhone, turn on the photo grid.  This will help keep your photos straight and very professional looking.  Nobody likes a crooked sloppy photo.


5.   Play With Angles

Usually my favourite angle to shoot from is birds eye, especially for blogging.  I don’t know what it is about it but it just makes the photos look that much better and more in uniform with the rest of the shots.  Try experimenting with different types of angles to see which one best matches your preference and try to stick to it as much as possible.    

6.   Take Repetitive Photos

When you’re taking photos, don’t just take a couple and be done with it.  Even if it is of the same shot, take 10 or 15 same ones that way you can have a variety of photos to choose from incase some turn out bad. Don’t worry about being too picky – it’s a good thing.

7.   Backgrounds are Important

Always consider your background when taking photos. Don’t let a messy background take away from your subject. I always try to find a clean and empty wall to take pictures in front of. You can also make your own backdrops.  Use your bedding or even some spare fabric you find laying around.  Once you take the photo and if you do have a messy background you can always try to mask it with a blurry airbrush in any photo editing app on your phone (Facetune is my favorite).

8.   Say No To Zoom

The second you start zooming in with your phone camera is the second your photo starts losing its quality. When zooming in, photos become grainy and pixelated, not clean. Instead, I go for a great shot and then crop when I edit. Remember, camera phones today have a pretty good resolution, so when you crop you’ll still have a nice crisp photo for your blog post. An alternative to zooming in is getting close, right on top of your subject. It makes for a great shot.

9.   Brightness and Contrast Settings

 This is probably the first thing I adjust when I take a photo.   By adjusting the brightness, contrast, and exposure settings you’re able to brighten your photo alot better before you slap a filter on it.  

10.   Photo Editing apps are your bffs!

Don’t be shy in using phone apps.  They are there for a reason.  Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of apps but my all time favorite are VSCOcam, Facetune, and Photogrid.  I swear by VSCOcam and it is the only app I use for filters.  VSCO also has great sharing features, so you can go directly to Instagram or to a number of other services without leaving the app.  Most of the filters you need to purchase but they are definitely worth it!


So there you are, another long blog post, but hopefully one that’s a little bit helpful and what you’ve been asking for. I’d absolutely love to know your tips for getting great blogging pictures so make sure you share them in the comments below or on my instagram!



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  1. July 13, 2015 / 6:37 PM

    I love this!! I’m a new blogger, and I want my pictures to look as professional as possible. A more pricey camera isn’t in my budget now so this helps me tremendously!! You’re blog site is beautiful…

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