SST Cosmetics

SST Cosmetics
Hi Beauties,
I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday! So recently, I have partnered with SST Cosmetics Inc to test out a few of their amazing luxury products.  SST cosmetics was established by the lovely and talented Sharon Sharpe-Titus.  She created a sophisticated, high fashion line with a focus on quality ingredients free of harsh chemicals that brings together exceptional colors and elegant textures to help us put our best face forward. SST is a cosmetic brand that has a conscience for the integrity of the skin.
Before I begin my review, I just want to let everyone know that this is my own opinion of these products and is NOT a paid review.  The first product I IMMEDIATELY tried was the Hydrating Lipstick in Drama Queen ($24CAD).  This color is exactly everything I wanted in a lipstick really.  Apart from my go-to reds for evening events this hue of gorgeous pink is really my go-to daily color.  I have been wearing this lipstick daily for the past 7 days and I have dramatically seen a difference in the moisture on my lips.  Usually lipsticks leave my lips feeling super dry and cracked and looking like a complete mess after 2 hours of wear.  SST’s hydrating Lipstick was completely different.  To be honest it really felt more of a lip balm with super pigmented color and I absolutely LOVED IT.  I would love to try out all of their other colors too! This lipstick definitely puts MAC to shame…I’m sorry MAC but I prefer more than 3 hours of wear!!! The SST Hydrating Lipstick gives amazing coverage and staying power and is infused with Grape Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E, as well as a soft vanilla scent.  I’ve gotten a few compliments on the color at Vancouver Fashion Week this weekend and it really is the perfect spring “pop of color” shade.  This lipstick now has a permanent home in my everyday makeup bag that I take with me wherever I go 🙂 I would also like to add that this lipstick is wine lovers approved because I did not need any touchups after a few glasses of wine 🙂
The second product I tried was the Black Label Skin Perfecting Balm ($48CAD).  This weightless HIS & HERS Skin Perfecting Balm helps to smooth away fine line while healing skin imperfections all in a colorless matte finish. A blend of Vitamin C & A for a strong anti-oxidant kick along with Tea Tree for antiseptic healing and chamomile for skin soothing.  Personally I love the smell of this product.  It has a faint minty-tea-chamomile scent and I have been using this product at nights before I go to bed.  The scent is amazing to fall asleep to and with luxurious ingredients like these, I definitely want this on my face all night.  In the morning my face feels absolutely smooth and like pure silk.  I’ve tried using it as a base primer before I apply my foundation and HOLY does it make a difference in the way the foundation absorbs into my face.  Instant airbrush is what I saw.  My skin is naturally pretty oily from all the makeup I’ve been putting on it over the years so the fact that this keeps my face matte and doesn’t cake up my foundation is a holy grail product.  
The sleek matte all-black packaging is an eye catcher and just makes the product look even more luxurious overall.  I hope you all enjoyed my review.  I really love love love the SST Hydrating Lipstick and I wish I could have all the colors to try on!  Please check out SST Cosmetics on their Website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!



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