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Murad Skincare
Beauty is only skin-deep, the saying goes, but the importance of skin truly goes a lot deeper.  We all want beautiful, smooth, clear and glowing skin, but beauty regimes that work for others may not necessarily work for you.  I received this package from the amazing team at Murad Canada and took these products out for a test drive.  My absolute favourite was the Skin Smoothing Polish because I did see a reduction in size of my pores as well as the Soothing Skin and Lip Care balm because it didn’t leave a sticky residue on my lips but it kept them moisturized throughout the day.
There are thousands of different skincare products out there and sometimes it can get really frustrating to find what specifically works for you.  When picking out skincare products you really need to just look for what your skin needs. Don’t experiment too much out side of what your skin actually needs because you can just end up damaging it.  Also, keep your application sizes to a minimal amount.  I find that if you put too much product on your skin, it does not absorb as well and hence the product becomes almost ineffective.  Personally, I found that these Murad skincare products were very gentle but still effectively did what it was suppose to without stripping my skin dry of its natural oils.  Lets take a closer look at the products:

Murad Essential-C Cleanser

This consists of Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E neutralize free radicals and other environmental aggressors while Phospholipids bind moisture to the skin. Essential-C Cleanser establishes a well-hydrated foundation for application of a treatment product.  Mandarin Orange, Basil and Grapefruit give this cleanser a refreshing citrusy scent.

Murad Hydrating Toner

Tone to hold moisture and softness. This classic toner rebalances and rehydrates skin while neutralizing surface impurities. Part of the Resurgence line of anti wrinkle and anti aging skin treatment products, specifically designed for hormonal aging.  It contains Witch Hazel to tightens pores and Chamomile and Cucumber Extract to soothe irritation and soften skin. 

Murad Skin Smoothing Polish

This powerful exfoliating scrub removes embedded impurities, without stripping skin of natural moisture, revealing a more vibrant complexion.  It contains Micro-Polishing Beads which deeply exfoliate to help relieve clogged pores and blackheads.  Witch Hazel and Cinnamon Extract to visibly tighten pores and balance oil production.  And lastly, Starflower Extract to leave skin soft and supple.  For optimal results, use 2 to 3 times weekly. Follow with recommended Murad toner and treatment.

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 | PA++

Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 is a clinically proven formula that reduces shine on contact and controls oil for up to 8 hours while effectively reducing breakouts.  It helps regulate oil production while preserving moisture to provide a long-lasting matte finish.  It contains Willow Bark Extract which helps manage breakouts and clears skin of impurities, Argan Extract which reveals smoother, softer skin, and it is a non-comedogenic formula which means that it will not clog your pores.

Murad Soothing Skin and Lip Care

This lip care balm soothes away dryness and the healing salve brings immediate relief to dry, chapped lips or minor skin irritations by sealing in long lasting moisture and gently smoothing and exfoliating. Part of the Murad Age Reform line of anti aging and anti wrinkle skin care products designed for genetic aging.  It contains Petroleum and Vitamin E to condition and help relieve chapped, cracked skin or lips.  It also contains Lanolin which protects skin or lips from the damaging effects of environmental exposure and BHA’s to gently exfoliate, smooth and revitalize lips and skin.
Have you tried any of these products before or have some others you’d recommend? Share your thoughts and comments down below! Thanks for reading 🙂


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