Lush Grand Opening Party

Lush Grand Opening Party


Hi Dolls,
So, I haven’t been able to share this post with you all earlier because it was right before the holidays and finals in school so you all know how that goes.  After about a 3 month long hiatus away from my blog, I am slowly turning it around and keeping up with the posts.
If you’re from Vancouver then you are probably very familiar with Pacific Centre and even more familiar with Lush Cosmetics.  Lush launched their new store in November 2014 at the Pacific Centre Mall.  I was contacted by their pr team to attend their special Christmas grand opening event.  It was so much fun! I was able to network and meet amazing local Vancouver bloggers as well as get a first look at their lovely and beautiful holiday products.
One of the tasks at the opening party was to build a snowman using their new Snowman Fun bath soap.  Can I just say this is the most amazing thing ever!! Not only was it so much fun but it smelled amazing and the best part is that it’s actual clay-like soap so once you’re done with you’re snowman you can just throw him into your bathtub for a swim and he won’t go to waste! –> this is a great gift for kids by the way…AND of course its all natural and did I mention only $7 bucks!
Prior to this event, I have never tried any Lush products.  I can now say that after testing out some of their lotions, amazing smelling bath bombs, and shampoos, I will definitely stop by Lush Cosmetics more often and pick up some of these fun products.
So for all you Vancouverites be sure to stop by Pacific Centre and check out the new Lush location!




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  1. January 19, 2015 / 3:46 PM

    This looks like so much fun! I haven’t tried many of Lush’s products but everyone seems to love them! Do you have a favorite product now that you’ve tried a few things?

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