KAPLAN MD Perfect Pout Lip Mask + Lip Balm Duo

KAPLAN MD Perfect Pout Lip Mask + Lip Balm Duo

Alright guys, serious stuff coming up here.  I probably have the worst chapped lips known to man.  I have tried every product out there and nothing seems to work.

I recently got to try the KAPLAN MD Perfect Pout Lip Mask + Lip Balm Duo and I was a bit hesitant at first.  I mean I can’t even count how many times I’ve tried different lip masks, scrubs, balms, and plumbers and none really worked like I needed them to or it was just a hot mess to being with.  The first day I tried the Kaplan lip duo I wasn’t really impressed.  I didn’t really notice a difference so I just left it. This was a few months ago.  Earlier this week I remembered I had the lip duo kit so I said oh what the heck I’ll give it another last try before I say my final goodbyes.

Well lets just say that all it needed was a little patience to work its charm, and BOY DID IT EVER.  Holy Crap guys I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such smooth and chapped-free lips like WOW.  I think the liquid lipsticks are really to blame because they tend to dry out my lips, especially the Kylie Lip Kits.

The Kaplan lip treatment duo is “anti-aging” so it naturally redefines the appearance of the lips while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and it infuses hydration.  It does give a bit of a plumping effect due to the papaya enzymes however I naturally have fuller lips so I didn’t really notice a huge difference but I did notice a bit of more fullness.

The lip mask is super hydrating! I use the lip mask as a night-time treatment and apply the balm throughout the day as well – the balm also protects against sun damage.  What I love about this is that is comes with a small spatula which helps keep everything super sanitary and you don’t have to get the product on your fingers and apply it on your lips.  After I’m done I just wash the spatula and return it back into it’s little pouch that comes with it.

-Recommended to be used as a nighttime lip treatment

Lip 20 Mask:
-As step one, spread a generous layer directly to clean lips – I prefer to lightly exfoliate my lips pre mask application
-Spread about a half-inch beyond the natural lip line to effectively treat the fine lines and wrinkles around the lips
-Mild tingling/cooling will occur due to the papaya enzymes
-Let sit for five minutes, then wipe off any excess product with a soft cloth or tissue

Lip 20 Balm:
-Apply immediately after exfoliating to seal in hydration and protect lips

Have you guys tried this product before? Leave your thoughts and comments down below 🙂



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