FIG + YARROW Complexion Water

FIG + YARROW Complexion Water


I received this product in the February Mapleblume subscription box that I reviewed a few posts ago.  This product took some time getting use-to and loving.  At first I just did not like it.  The scent was just not for me.  I think if it smelled a little different I would be all over it, but just couldn’t do it with this one.  This product is a complexion spray from Fig+Yarrow.  It is meant to be reparative, balancing, toning and aromatherapeutic to your skin.  I am actually kind of glad that I forced myself to use this product even though I wasn’t too fond of the scent.  The yarrow, immortelle, and rockroseis are basically a blend of reparative botanicals particularly beneficial for sun-damaged, youth-depleted and fundamentally troubled skin.  I would use this product at night time before I apply my nightly skincare routine because I’ll be going to sleep anyway so the scent doesn’t bother me while I sleep.  I will never let a product go to waste 🙂  The cool thing about this is that you don’t need to only use it on your face! You can use it head-to-toe for face, hair, and full body hydration and aromatherapeutic benefits.  The three main essential oils are good for wound-healing, signs of again, and skin defense.  Now that spring is around the corner and I’ll be coming out of hibernation into society I’ll definitely throw this into my bag and use it as a skin defence mist. Update:  I have actually grown to like the fragrance (a spicy botanical scent) and now carry it with me in my purse to spritz on my face or even body throughout the day.  The scent actually doesn’t linger too long which I like and I love that it acts as a skin defence so you can basically use it for any wounds, insect bites or just as a refreshing mist.




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