Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream In Oil Review

Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream In Oil Review

Biotherm has always been one of those brands where I would see them everywhere in stores but just never got around to trying it out even though I’ve heard really great things about the brand as a whole.  So with that being said I was super excited when L’Oreal contacted me to collaborate with them and try a few Biotherm products.

One of the products I got to try, and one that I have been absolutely loving, is the Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream-In-Oil.  Right off the bat I want to let you guys know that this product is not oily or greasy at all.  It is more of a gel like consistency/feel.  It goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin like butter. It’s actually very light weight that I use it morning and night.  Normally I would only use it night time but on days that I feel like my skin needs that extra bit of hydration throughout the day I would apply it on in the morning as a moisturizer/primer before applying my makeup.  A little goes a long way with this product and you only need a small dime sized amount.  It also smells amazing.

It also contains a restructuring power of sea sugar and the repair of natural-origin oils combined in an ultra-fresh fast-fusing formula.  The sea sugar is actually a sulfated sugar coming from a marine microorganism which fights against dehydration to survive some of the highest salinity levels on earth.  I would say after about 14 days of using this cream your skin will feel fully nourished and fine lines will be less visible giving you a glowing vidid complexion.

A 50ml jar of this cream retails for about $79.99 CAD so it is definitely steep in price but I have noticed quite a change in my complexion so I would definitely splurge if it means giving me fast results.

What are some of your favourite Biotherm products? Leave your thoughts and comments down below!




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