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Aveda Botanicals
Hi Beauties!
When my hair needs that extra bit of TLC I know I can always count on the hair gurus at @AvedaInstituteCanada for some luminous, healthy looking hair! Last week I stopped by Aveda in Gastown for another hair therapy session.  This time I decided to get the Botanical Hair and Scalp Treatment and a haircut.  My Aveda guru (Kaden – who by the way was AMAZING) started our session with a quick chat about my hair as well as what type of cut I was looking for.  Now since the only damage to my hair is from heat styling – he recommended that I get a hydration treatment.  As for the cut, we only cleaned up the ends a bit and added some additional layers for more texture and dimension.
The treatment began with their signature head and shoulder massage using the Aveda scalp remedy oils – boy do they ever smell good. After about 5 minutes of that, we went over to the washing station for the rest of the magic to happen.  My hair was washed with the Aveda Damage Remedy reconstructing shampoo.  The shampoo is extremely gentle to be used daily because it consists of quinoa proteins that help repair and strengthen damaged hair.  Also, the babassu and coconut-based cleansing formula also gentle helps in cleansing the hair.  The conditioner was left out this time because of the botanical hair mask.   After a thorough wash, it was time for the moisture treatment/mask.  Once the mask was applied, it was left on for about 10-15 min while being covered in a hot steamed towel – this was probably my favourite part as it was so relaxing.
Once the timer was up – a quick rinse and back to the station.  Now I really do have a lot of hair on my head so the blow drying and hair straightening process took forever! They did an absolutely amazing job at putting in just the right amount of layers to really give it more texture and dimension.  Overall – probably one of, if not THE best, cut i’ve ever had.  I was beyond happy with the shape, length, style, layers, and overall cut.
After my appointment, my hair was noticeably shiner, silkier, softer, and extremely strong and healthy looking! If you are in need of a good TLC session for your hair, please check out Aveda – you WON’T be disappointed.  I cannot wait to go back to my absolute favourite gurus!
Here is the list of the different botanical treatments at Aveda:
Moisture Treatment
  •  improves dry hair up to 86%* with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny.
Repair Treatment
  • improves damaged hair up to 84%* with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet derived amino acid, leaving strands strong, supple and healthy-looking.
Scalp Balance Treatment
  • features a deep, restorative massage with the aroma-therapeutic essential oil blend that will bring the healthiest balance to your scalp, setting the stage for beautiful hair.
Scalp Detox Treatment
  • deep cleanses, featuring a refreshing massage with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid that gently exfoliates your scalp and removes buildup that may affect healthy hair.
Hair and Scalp Treatment
  • is like a spa for your head. It begins with a restorative scalp treatment and ends with a transformative moisture or repair treatment. Your hair will look healthier and shinier-and feel soft and silky.


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